Bread Stuffing for Poultry

For meat and broth:

Neck and Giblets from Turkey (Or other bird)

1 stalk Celery

1/2 Onion

1 clove Garlic

1 tsp salt

2 tsp dried parsley

For Stuffing:

1 lb dried bread Cubes

3 ribs celery

1 Med-Lg Onion

1 stick butter

2 tsp salt

1 Tbsp poultry seasoning

Cook Giblets and Make Broth the Day Before You Want to Stuff the Turkey:

In pressure cooker (or Stock pot) put 5-6 cups water, and all ingredients for Broth.  Cover and bring to pressure, cook for 1 hour and allow to cool. (If using a stock pot or crock pot cook ingredients for 3-5 hours or until the meat pulls off of the neck easily.  Make sure you maintain at least 4 cups of broth)  Remove meat, strain the broth and set it aside.

Make Stuffing:

Pick all meat off of the neck and discard the bones, chop heart, liver and gizzard into small pieces.  Discard any tough and chewy looking pieces.  Set aside.

Finely chop celery and onion.  Melt butter in a fry pan and sauté the onions and celery in butter until they have clarified and all the water from the vegetables has evaporated.

Place bread cubes in a large bowl.  Add meat, Sauted vegetables all remaining ingredients except the broth.  Toss until all ingredients are well blended.  Add broth 1 cup at a time and toss as the bread cubes absorb the broth.  Add only enough broth to dampen the cubes so they start to stick together and there are still some dry bits.  Remember the bird will add a lot more moisture to the stuffing.

Stuff and Bake:

Fill the cavity of the turkey with the stuffing try to not pack too tightly.  If you have left over stuffing fill the neck flap with stuffing.  Bake your turkey as instructed on the roasting turkey page.


To bake without a bird place in a covered casserole dish and bake for about 1 hour