Lumpia  (Philippine Egg Rolls)

2 lbs meat (ground beef or pork, shredded Chicken or chopped shrimp, mushrooms

                    or a combination.)

3 medium carrots, minced

3 stalks celery, minced

2 onions, minced

2 C fresh bean sprouts, (whole, not chopped)

1 C nuts, any kind, chopped

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 tap salt

1/2 tsp pepper

2-3 Tbsp oil

2 pkg lumpia wrappers (about 60)

Oil for deep frying

Brown onions in large saute pan.  Add carrots, celery and ground meat.  (pre-cooked meats or shrimp should be added in the last step).

Cook until meat is browned and all moisture is cooked off.

Add bean sprouts, nuts and shrimp if using.  Keep stirring and add all remaining ingredients.

Place in a strainer until cool enough to handle.

Using a bamboo mat, tightly wrap 2 heaping Tbsp of filling in each wrapper.  Fold ends toward middle before rolling too far, moisten the closing edge with water and seal.  (Note Lumpia are long and thin like a taquito)

Fry lumpia in 350º oil until brown, about 1-2 minutes.

Lumpia can be made ahead of time and even frozen if you pre-fry them (about 60 seconds) then keep them on parchment paper until ready to use.  When it is time to serve warm them in a slow oven 250º for about 30 minutes and re-fry them to bring back the crisp to the wrapper.