Can Do Quick Sweet Dough


2 pkg (5 tsp) dry yeast 1/2 C butter

1/2 C warm water 1/2 C sugar

1¼ C buttermilk 2 tsp baking powder

2 eggs 2 tsp salt

5½ C flour


Mix ingredients together in the order given either by hand or in a large mixer. Additional flour may be needed. Kneed for 5-10 minutes until smooth and elastic. Let rise until doubled, punch down and form as desired. Place in a greased pan.

Let rise again.

Bake at 375 degrees for:

Dinner roles—15 minutes

Monkey (pull-apart) bread—30 minutes

Hamburger or hot dog buns—15-20 minutes

Cinnamon rolls - 30 minutes

Brush tops of warm rolls or bread with melted butter if desired.